Picture of me. Alexander Modell

Research Associate in Statistics and Machine Learning,
Department of Mathematics,
Imperial College London

Office 535
180 Queen's Gate
South Kensington
London, SW7 2AZ


I am a Research Associate at Imperial College London in statistics and machine learning, working with Nick Heard on the Network Stochastic Processes and Time Series (NeST) programme.

I previously completed my PhD at the University of Bristol, entitled "Spectral embedding of large graphs and dynamic networks", supervised by Patrick Rubin-Delanchy.

My research is about developing methods for exploratory analysis of complex data, such as large graphs, dynamic networks, natural language and high-dimensional data.

Broadly, my interests include:

  • clustering,
  • manifold learning,
  • topological data analysis,
  • network analysis,
  • representation learning / embedding,
  • dimension reduction,
  • spectral methods,
  • high-dimensional statistics,
  • non-parametric statistics.

I am currently organising the Network Stochastic Processes and Time Series Seminar.

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